Bamboo Cotton Buds

With Plastic Cotton Buds now banned a need for viable alternatives is greater than ever. Bamboo Cotton Buds are this viable alternative. Bamboo Cotton Buds are made using two natural materials, bamboo and cotton. The bamboo gives the cotton bud a greater rigidity than you get from paper cotton buds making Bamboo Cotton Buds easier to use. This also means our Bamboo Cotton Buds are 100% biodegradable; meaning you can simply throw these Bamboo Cotton Buds into the compost and let nature take over. 

This biodegradability means our Bamboo Cotton Buds mean an end to plastic sticks contaminating the ocean and finding there way to our beaches! Bamboo Cotton Buds are a more viable sustainable alternative to paper straws due to this biodegradability; paper straws still need recycling after use. Biodegradable Cotton Buds are definitely the future of sustainable Cotton Buds.

Bamboo has been used for these cotton buds as it is an extremely sustainable material. Bamboo can grow to full to full size in just 3-4 months and can be harvested without using any chemicals or pesticides. Also in your composter once discarded your Bamboo Cotton Buds will take around 4 - 6 months to decompose making these cotton buds a zero waste solution.  The actual ends are made using cotton which will take around 5 months to decompose meaning these Bamboo Cotton Buds will be gone in 6 months after use. This biodegradability is a more sustainable solution to disposing of single-use items than recycling. Recycling is a good solution but as the process of recycling creates air and water pollution it is better to utilise options that do not require recycling. 

Why not try our our Bamboo Cotton Buds today and 10% of your order will go to to help with their efforts of removing plastic from our oceans!

How to despose of Bamboo Cotton Buds?

Bamboo Cotton Buds are 100% biodegradable so can simply be thrown into your compost and will decompose within 6 months. 

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