Wheat Straws a sustainable alternative to plastic

Wheat Straws


Made from natural wheat, our Wheat Straws are an ideal sustainable alternative to plastic straws, paper straws, metal straws and bamboo straws. Our Wheat Straws are at a lower price compared with the metal and bamboo alternatives. This makes them an ideal replacement to single-use plastic and paper straws as they can be used as a disposable straw whilst being 100% biodegradeable. The single-use nature of Wheat Straws is important to overcome the concerns surrounding the hygiene of re-using and having to clean metal and bamboo straws. 

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  • Product Info

    Wheat Straws are an ideal alternative to a commonly used, everyday items like single-use Plastic and Paper Straws. They are produced using natural wheat meaning they are 100% biodegradeable and sustainable. As the wheat stem used is non porous, Wheat Straws do not go soggy like Paper Straws. As they are produced using a farming by product the raw material is easily sourced and is an effective way to use a waste product of the farming process. 

  • Straw Length

    The length of the Wheat Straws will vary slighly between 19cm and 20cm and the diameter will vary.

  • Allergy

    Please note these do not contain gluten. Gluten is within the wheat grain but is not within the wheat stem which we use.