Wheat Toothbrush - Natural and Sustainable

Wheat Toothbrush


An alternative to a traditional toothbrush made using sustainable materials, the handle is made using a combination of wheat, starch and 50% PP and the bristles are made using a mixture of bamboo and charcoal. Use a Wheat Toothbrush to reduce your daily plastic consumption. The Wheat Toothbrushes do have a soft bristle as a result of the materials used for the brush. These are not 100% biodegradable like our other products but can be recycled and aim to reduce plastic use when manufatcuring certain plastic products. 


The Wheat Toothbrush is the first product in our range of sustainable toiletries. 

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  • Product Info

    Wheat Toothbrushes are an ideal alternative to traditional plastic toothbrushes. These toothbrushes are made using wheat as the base material. The brush is made using a combination of bamboo fibres and charcoal.  

  • Toothbrush Length

    Wheat Toothbrush - 17cm