Sustainable Products of the future

Our sustainable products are made using eco-friendly materials and are ideal alternatives for single use plastic, metal and paper products. Through using these materials it allows us to offer sustainable products whilst not compromising on the functionality of the products we offer. For example our eco friendly drinking straws are the perfect alternatives for single use plastic straws without compromising on the experience of using a straw for drinking. These Wheat Straws are a great plastic substitute and put you one step closer to an eco friendly life.

Our Wheat Straws and Bamboo Cotton Buds are not just alternatives to single use plastic but are even better than an alternative. They are biodegradable plastic alternatives making them a zero waste plastic substitute which can decompose in 6 months in a compost.


The Wheat Toothbrush is a sustainable alternative to a traditional toothbrush with the same functionality as the bristles are made using a combination of bamboo fibres and charcoal, due to this these wheat toothbrushes have a softer bristle than a traditional toothbrush.


Why not try our sustainable products below. We also want to give back as a company so we donate 10% of all our sales to the charity of the month.